Doggy Deluxe Dog Biscuits 

Nutritional Benefits

Treats bought in supermarkets are typically made from byproducts and/or fillers instead of high quality natural ingredients like those in homemade dog biscuits. Peanut butter contains high quantities of vitamin B & E, niacin and heart-healthy fats. Our 'Premium Pooch' dog biscuits contain brewers yeast and garlic powder which has been known to reduce fleas. It has been said that a physiological psychology class professor at a top US university told his class about bananas. He said "the expression going bananas is from the healthy effects of bananas on the brain. We call it mood food."  Sweet potatoes are another source of dietary fibre and contain vitamin B6 and C, beta carotene and manganese.

What We Do

Not only do we do exotic animal handling sessions, Cairngorm Creatures are pleased to announce our new 

'Homemade and Healthy' Dog Biscuit Range from 'Doggy Deluxe'.


We have spent many months perfecting and testing our recipes and produce on our family and friends dogs. They all told us the dogs were barking mad about them!

We want to promote homemade and healthy dog biscuits with no additives or preservatives instead of factory made, shop bought biscuits which contain things you wouldn't believe were in there!

Products - £3.75 for a pack of 12

Heroic Honey & Brilliant Banana

Contains: Bananas, Honey, Vanilla, Wholewheat Flour, Eggs and Baking Powder


Tattie Dog

Contains: Sweet Potato, Apple Sauce, Wholewheat Flour and Eggs

Pumpkin & Peanut Paradise

Contains: Pumpkin, Peanut Butter, Cinnamon, Wholewheat Flour and Eggs

Simple But Scrumptious

Contains: Rolled Oats, Wholewheat Flour, Cornmeal, Milk, Eggs and Margerine

Premium Pooch

Contains: Beef Stock, Wholewheat Flour, Cornmeal, Eggs and Garlic Powder

As we are a small business, we haven't got online ordering quite yet, so if you would like to order some of our yummy dog biscuits, please email us with your order by clicking the BUY NOW button above.  We will then contact you with payment details and approximate delivery date.  

Packs of 12 cannot be of mixed types.

Dog biscuits should not be used to substitute your usual meals and should be given as a treat only.

We cannot be held responsible for any adverse health problems caused by the consumption of our products. All our products are homemade and do not contain chemicals, preservatives or additives.

We currently cannot accept returns.

Cancelled orders within 24hrs will be refunded in full.

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